Single Visit Crowns 

If a tooth is weak, heavily damaged, or the bulk has weathered away, we might be able to restore it. When appropriate, we can offer the possibility of a custom designed crown. It acts like a helmet which covers the tooth to help protect it from further breakdown.

When to consider a crown

  • To prevent further breakdown of a cracked tooth
  • To restore an already broken tooth
  • To replace a worn down tooth
  • To serve as a cover for a root canal, a dental implant or a discoloured tooth

Up until the last century gold crowns were widely used to restore broken down teeth. But how times have changed, as more and more people look towards a more natural healthy smile.

With the use of metal free materials like ceramic or porcelain, we are now able to offer cosmetically superior options.


As handy as crowns are, the process until recently used to take multiple appointments, with a processing time of about 2 weeks for the final crown. Multiple visits, gooey impressions and temporary fillings while you waited weeks.


There is nowadays! Technology in the medical industry has rapidly evolved. At Dental On Fullarton we offer same day CEREC crowns. We have been using this system for 10 years, and as early adopters we have made hundreds and hundreds of CEREC crowns using the German engineered SIRONA CAD\CAM system.

One appointment 

One anaesthetic

Superior cosmetics

Using CAD\CAM computing and 3D scanners, we can custom design and fabricate crowns in-house, on the same day.

Single visit crown, by Dr Ashley Parvar – June 2018 (Permission granted to publish photos)

Broken down tooth (June 2018)

Tooth is prepared for an EMAX crown by Dr Ashley Parvar

3D scan of the tooth and CAD\CAM to custom design the crown

Sirona milling machine fabricates crowns on-site

An EMAX crown was used in this case. It is trialed in the mouth

Now some artistic flair is used to bring the ceramic to life

The EMAX crown is placed in the furnace to be glazed and polished

The crown was bonded with a strong resin adhesive.

The life and function of this broken down tooth is extended. The client was very happy with the cosmetic outcome too.

The final restoration was made in its entirety on-site at Dental On Fullarton. And the bonus, being time efficient, we were able to offer this crown at a competitive price.

Dr Ashley Parvar