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Do you want whiter, brighter, healthier teeth?

Do you want to avoid bad breath?

Do you want your teeth to look and feel their best?

At Dental On Fullarton we have a team of highly trained hygeniests who work together with the dentists to provide our patients world class treatment.

Why see a DENTAL HYGIENIST instead of a dentist for your regular scale and clean?

Our hygienists Nicole has a wealth of experience allowing her to carefully and gently scale and and polish your teeth. She will also advise you on what dental products best suit you so you can maintain a healthy mouth.

In the long term this saves you money as you do not need to spend it on expensive dental treatment which could have been prevented.

Did you know that gum disease has been linked to heart disease, stroke, diabetes and even low birth weight in babies?

The bacteria that cause gum disease live in the plaque and calculus which coats your teeth. For healthy oral hygiene the plaque and calculus should typically be removed every six months. If it continues to build up around your teeth it will cause gingivities which may then progress to become periodontal disease.

Having regular cleans with our hygienists helps keep your teeth, gums and jaw bones healthy. The teeth also appear whiter and brighter by having the stains and calculus removed.

Our hygienist Nicole also enjoys whitening patient’s teeth using the latest whitening procedures using in-chair Philips Zoom Whitening and take-home Poladay products. You can discuss with her the best options to achieve a whiter and brighter smile.

At Dental On Fullarton we are serious about our hygienists helping you be a healthier person with a beautiful smile.

So please make an appointment to see either Dr Ashley Parvar or Dr Chris Pazios who will introduce you to our wonderful hygienists at Dental On Fullarton.